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Is Johnson Publishing going out of business?

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1 hour ago, Delano said:

EMO was founded by John Johnson and Londa Johnson was yhe CEO of an on for a few year


@Del EMO is Ebony Media Operation. The new owners, CVG, LLC  gave the media company ( EBONY & JET magazines)  that name shortly after purchasing the media division in 2016.


 Johnson Publishing Company is the previous owner of EBONY and JET Magazines, the photo collection and Fashion Fair Cosmetics. 

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Johnson Publishing CEO Linda Johnson Rice has dropped her other job as head of Ebony Media Operations, which her company formerly owned.

Johnson Rice stepped down in March as CEO of Ebony Media Operations, said Michael Gibson, chairman of investment firm CVG Group, which bought the Ebony and Jet publishing unit in 2016.

Gibson said he took on the Ebony Media CEO role and is moving ahead with the strategy laid out earlier alongside Johnson Rice, who returned to lead the Ebony magazine publisher in March 2017, after CEO Cheryl Mayberry McKissack exited. Johnson Rice, who remains chairman emeritus at Ebony Media, said today that she never planned on staying in the role long term and referred questions about the business to Gibson. “For us, it just wasn’t that big of a deal,” she said.




See who funded EMO and who is CVG.

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Who was Ebony's target market? The Black masses? As opposed to the Bkack bougouise?


@Delano you mean JPC not EMO right? 

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1 hour ago, Troy said:


@Delano you mean JPC not EMO right?

Why do you ask.? 

EMO was founded by John Johnson and Linda Johnson was the CEO of an on for a few years. 

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Clear View Group Acquires Ebony Media

Investment Group to Diversify Ebony’s Portfolio Across the Media and Entertainment Landscape

June 15, 2016 04:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Clear View Group (CVG), today announced that it has acquired the assets of Ebony Media, the publisher of Ebony Magazine, the premiere destination for African-American cultural insight, news and perspective. The iconic brands of EBONY and JET are under new management and heading in a bold new direction and will now be known as Ebony Media. The Clear View Group is an African American led investment group that brings to bear over twenty-five years of experience creating, developing and running successful corporations.

“I am excited about the opportunity to lead these world renowned brands to the next level, expanding the editorial offerings for our readership while providing new opportunities to our valued advertising partners”

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This acquisition will position Ebony Media for long-term growth by diversifying its revenue streams and expanding its business footprint by magnifying black culture through a wide spectrum of print, event and digital mediums.

“We are excited about the future of Ebony Media and the opportunity to position the enterprise for long term growth. Our team has a true understanding of the Ebony brand as well as its legacy, and is committed to providing its audience with premium content across all media platforms,” said Michael Gibson, CEO of Clear View Group and Chairman of Ebony Media.

Moving forward, Linda Johnson Rice will serve as Chairman-Emeritus and will continue to be on the board of Ebony Media. Cheryl Mayberry McKissack will lead Ebony Media as the CEO. The Clear View Group will be led by Michael Gibson, who will also serve as the Chairman of Ebony Media.

"This is the next chapter in retaining the legacy that my father, John H. Johnson, built to ensure the celebration of African-Americans," said Linda Johnson Rice.

“I am excited about the opportunity to lead these world renowned brands to the next level, expanding the editorial offerings for our readership while providing new opportunities to our valued advertising partners,” Mayberry McKissack states. “Through offerings such as our annual 'Power 100' event and issue, ground breaking covers on 'The Body Brigade', Women Up and Black Hollywood events, and expanding our digital coverage, we are already seeing tremendous gains in extending our brand’s reach well beyond paper and electrons. Our legacy is not only thriving, it’s evolving.”

There are also exciting changes in store for the editorial direction of the publications. Kyra Kyles, who previously led the digital editorial strategy and operations, is promoted to Editor-in-Chief/SVP Digital Editorial, overseeing editorial content across both print and digital platforms. Kyles, a longtime content producer who has co-created and directed award-winning, viral Webisodes, will unify print, digital and social operations in an unprecedented move to enrich the overall audience’s experience. Kierna Mayo, current EIC of Ebony, will be leaving to pursue other endeavors.

About Clear View Group

Clear View Group specializes in private equity acquisitions of U.S. based, middle market companies. By partnering with businesses with experienced and proven operating management, Clear View Group helps mid level companies to grow their profitability through proven professional financial models.


Smith & Company
Ashley Blackwood, 917-463-3436




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From what I heard, the father was grooming the son to take over the business but the son passed away.


The daughter went to business school but allegedly her "heart and mind" wasn’t into it.


This is not suprising.

To be honest, it's rarely a good idea for the founders of establishments to leave their own children in charge of them after their departure anyway.   Just because they're your children that doesn't mean they have the same intelligence, drive, and vision you have to even maintain the organization you started....let alone expand and progress it.

This type of nepotism is one of the biggest mistakes Africans have historically made not only in business but even when it came to governing nations.
Kings were always leaving their eldest sons or daughters in charge INSTEAD OF those who were most qualified to run the kingdom.  And often times their stupid and reckless children ran their kingdom right into the ground unless a smarter and more qualified leader rose up from the masses, organized a coup, and TOOK the kingdom from the fools....which was often the case.


I'm convinced one of the reasons the West has technologically advanced so far beyond many African nations today is because centuries ago they decided to abandon the idea of "royal rulership" based on family lineage and instead decided to choose their leaders based on how qualified and experienced they were.
Sorry, but being "son of Badu" doesn't qualify yo ass to rule Wakanda......lol.


But speaking of magazines..................

One of the FEW instances where passing down the organization from father to son HAS seemed to work is with Earl Graves' BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine!

Despite what's happening to Jet and Ebony, under Earl Graves Jr. Black Enterprise is still going strong since 1970!

I thought Emerge would have followed it's lead but apparently not.

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