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Surviving The Murder Capital Of The World: Life & Times Of Legend Lawson. For book review.

Guest Legend Lawson

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Guest Legend Lawson

“Surviving The Murder Capital Of The World: Life & Times Of Legend Lawson”. Synopsis



Ask yourself how far are you willing to go to make your dream a reality?


Based on a true story this book gives readers a insight of what life was like playing professional basketball in the most dangerous country in the world. The book takes you into the life of the author showing what obstacles come with being a star in a foreign country. The book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as nothing is held back you get the good, the bad , & the ugly of life  on and off the court.  


Being a young black kid from Philadelphia I had 0 basketball scholarips offers graduating from high school. But with faith, perseverance , and determination I eventually played college basketball, graduated with a bachelor degrees in sports administration, and eventuall went on to play professional basketball overseas in 5 different countries.



Besides giving the insight of this journey the book isn’t also meant to inspire our people to go after their dreams, there no limit on what you can accomplish with determination and hard work.



To put things in perspective the state of California with a population of close to 39 million people had 1861 murders in 2015, the Murder  Capital Of the World with a population of only 6.5 million people had 6,656 murders in the same year.


I’ve been receiving  positive reviews on Amazon  but I wanted to get my book out to more people.


Contact info : Legendlawson@aol.com






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