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“A Year to Exhale” - BOOK ALERT

Guest Kia Harris

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Guest Kia Harris

“A Year to Exhale” by Kia Harris 


A contemporary romance fiction depicting the trials, tribulations and celebrations of four dynamic women who endeavor to balance professional success with success at love. 


Mia, Taryn, Tanya, and Winter, are childhood friends who have built a sisterhood that withstands the rest of time. These wildly successful woman, don’t hesitate to make it known that along with their class comes some real swag and a lot of feistiness. Although they desire to have love in their lives, they refuse to settle for less than they know they deserve. After all, they’ve settled in the past and it only resulted in disappointment. 


After the death of her longtime love, Tim, in a bombing in Afghanistan, Winter Jones hesitates to open her heart to Charlie, a handsome and caring man who has fallen head over heels in love with her, but is in a dangerous field of work which causes her to constantly fear for his life. 


Tanya Macks’s heart has been severely scared by her first and only love, Jackson, who refuses to leave the street life, which almost ruined her life when she was in college. She Instead immerses herself into her high clientele, personal stylist business and enjoys her “be free to do me” lifestyle. That is, until she meets her new client, professional basketball start, Jamarious Russell, who changes her perspective, after coincidentally, being there for her through one of the most difficult times of her life.


No nonsense yet sensitive, Taryn Jackson has fallen in love with wealthy MMA and Boxing Promoter, Chase Durr, who is working hard to try and convince her to relocate, with her two daughters, to live with him in his mini mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has expressed her interest in moving and starting her own Charter School, but hesitates due to her past and failed relationships with both of her daughters fathers. Her best friends rally with Chase to try and convince her to make the move yet her wounds are so deep that they become the main obstacle standing in the way of her happiness. 


Upon making Partner at her Wall Street Investment firm, Mia Scott-Reed, accepts the fact that her husband, Morris, will never support her decision to follow her professional dreams instead of being the stay-at-home Mom he wants her to be. Their marriage quickly deteriorates as Mia succumbs to her fantasies about her good friend and colleague. 


Kia Harris envelopes readers with the tales of love, lust, and overcoming the obstacles which define and shape the lives of each of these characters. They are engaging, transparent, funny, sexy and loving. Their stories will resonate and entertain readers with each turn of the page as they journey on their year to exhale.


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Hi Kia, 


I'm Tanisca, president of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club, and I saw your request for a book review. Please email our Club at Wordloversbookclub@gmail.com so one our members can help you with your request. 


Your book description was interesting. I think we can definitely get into a book like yours. 

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