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Flawed Attitude: how black people’s beliefs & behaviors hinder their equality

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When black people talk about inequality and its impact on the community, typically, the focus is on racism and the role white people play in perpetuating inequality.  One reason racism—the impact of racism—has persisted unchanged in America for nearly four hundred years is because black people are focused on the wrong issue.  Contrary to popular belief, white people are not solely responsible for the unyielding impact of racism on the black community.  Black people play a significant role in its impact and perpetuation.  In a thoughtful, albeit direct, manner this book (Flawed Attitude) examines several beliefs and behaviors embraced by the black community that, inevitably, hinder the attainment of equality.  The reader is moved into the psyche of black America and provided the opportunity to assess how the beliefs shape behavior and hinder the attainment of equality.  Additionally, the reader is shown the origin of the beliefs and, more importantly, provided plans of action to move the black community down the path to truly attaining equality.  Flawed Attitude will strike many nerves and the reader is guaranteed to walk away with a different understanding of race relations in America, his role in perpetuating the status quo, and what he could do differently to change the current trajectory.


Facebook: glennybrown@flawedattitude



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