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Request Book Review: The Seven Year Wait

Guest Carla Brice-Talley

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Guest Carla Brice-Talley

Hello,  My name is Carla Brice-Talley, and I would like to request the review of my book, The Seven Year Wait.  The Seven Year Wait is available on Amazon (ISBN-13: 978-1947373181) and was published June of 2019.  It is my second novel.  Here is an image of the cover.



Summary:  Joseph Claron was a young handsome engineer with a flourishing career and strong Christian faith before his life was turned completely upside down. Maya Lawrence is a smart, beautiful lawyer whose accomplishments and personal disappointments have left her distant from the pure faith she once knew as a child. Joseph needs help to address the grave injustice that has overtaken his life. Maya can help him, but she will need more than her law degree and determination. She will need to recognize evil and reconnect with the faith she once knew. For Joseph, it will mean the difference between life and death as he continues to wait for deliverance. He does not have another seven years to wait.


I would love to have this book reviewed and highlighted.  Thank you, Carla

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Hi Carla, 


I'm Tanisca, president of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club. We are in the process of considering books to review. Please email wordloversbookclub@gmail.com so our assistant can help you with your request. 


Your book description is definitely interesting. 

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