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Juneteenth - A celebration

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Two and a half years, Americans were left toiling, unlawfully – like slaves.  30 months in a timeless zone of what they knew; what they were.  Extracted and uprooted by the thousands, for this very purpose, to Western Texas, far from justice and away from humanity.  But for now, forget the ones that survived, for some died not knowing they were free, not knowing their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren have survived their plight.











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I found this quote to be interesting:



"Racism is an offshoot of slavery.  A tremendous stain on America that has yet to be cleansed away but on that June 19th, ..."


The more I hear about Juneteenth, the more I become in tuned to the reality of some of the issues that came about as a result of freedom finally made law. And this quote also struck me;


"We still have a long way to go and with no immediate plan to truly eradicate racism, the future does not look promising. In fact, some say we’re headed in the wrong direction, back to the past of that pre-existing condition.  And it’s scary."


Well! this is scary! But due to the recent laws made that are definitely going to harm African American Descendants of Slaves, I do believe that this may be true. We are headed in the wrong direction and need to turn back around. And so, this other quote, I can certainly appreciate, however; 


"...but to travel back to Texas, June 19th, 1865 all Americans should have full admiration for our government, for it, then, chose the right path and put forth great effort to equalize ALL it’s citizens."


Based on so many other issues that are a part of this government, I have full admiration for the many people who are genuine, but I know that this government houses a lot of deceit that continually mask as helping but are doing the opposite. 


This nation and government formed after their declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776-- and separated from religion and the Bible so that the could keep slavery as law and then after Industrialism came about, discarded slavery, on face value because it was wrong, but they knew this back in 1776 too. So while I am grateful that God provided tecnology to be attained and industrialism, I still know the whole truth. I will always be grateful for people who always stand for truth.


This PAUSE on Juneteenth is crucial, though and I hope that this kind of history continues to be uplifted. 

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