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Black. Metamorphosis!!

harry brown

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Rainy. New. Orleans. Midnight,  Hoodoo. Theodora ,Speaking. Hoodoo,Incantations. For. Her. Color. Changing. Potions.  Her. Hoodoo-Color. Changing. Potions. For.  A. Racist.  White. Man.  In  New  Orleans..Her   Hoodoo  Color  Changing   Potion   Has  To   Be  Prepared,Before.  The   Rise   Of  The  Sun.  African  Poison  Plants,Black-Leopard  Skin,Black  Mamba  Snake,Among   The  ,,Ingredients. In   Her  Hoodoo   Cauldron... Early  Morning,Away  From,Racist   Connors Binnew   House  Hoodoo   Theodora  Is   Quickly,Creeping.  Not.  Long After,Racist. Connors. Binnew   ,Awakes,From. Sleeping.  Racist. Rally. Day,Outside. A. Misty. Rain.  Connors. Binnew   Gets.  Out.  Of   Bed. ,Feeling.  Strange.  He. ,Looks,In,The. Mirror,Screaming,Schrieking,Horror. Within.  He. ,Has,Dark. Brown. Skin,A. Afro ,Gone. Is. His. Blue. Eyes,Blonde -Hair,White. Skin..Gone. Is. His. White. Skin. Superior Essence.  He Says,This. Dark. Skin,The. Devil. Pestilence...  In. His. Yard,From. ,HIs,House. He.  Plans. To. Flee.  Black. Man. In.  A. White. Man. Yard,Racist. White. Police. See.  Why. You. In. This. Yard,N-Word ,Not,Black.  I'm. White Connors. Binnew   Says,Racist.  White. Police Say,Smirking,  This. N-Word. Must. Be On. Crack. Racist.  White. Police,Beat Him  Up,Shoot. Him,,Connors. Binnew   Lie. Dead In. The,Rain.. We. Wil. Say . Self. Defence,Racist.  White. Police ,Smirking,As.    Connors. Binnew   White. Skin. Returns,Racist. White,Police,Horrified,This. Murder ,How. Will.  They.  Explain..?

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