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Love is a paradox


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Love is a Paradox, it is an argument, it is soft but hard like concrete, presented in the weakest link but pulled by the strongest chain, Love can be freedom and prison combined in a moment, it should can be like falling into a glide, abstruse and detailed all in a glimmer, love is always seeking exploration while desiring to never let this moment go, love can be finite and indefinite, the stroll, the walk, the run, and the stumble, it all begin with the crawl, love is doors opening and closing, the tantrum and the dance, the shy look down and sexy first glance, the touching of skin and holding of hands and romance the dance and the fight to hold that one solitary stance, Love is confusion, an illusion, real, the feel of what butter contemplates as the heat of the pan breaks down the resolve that makes us push past imagined fear to peer past what was expected to what is, Love should be all these things, the known and the unknown, separate but not alone, with him but on your own, love is us, was them, when they began as friends and ended as more, stand at the door, the threshold to war, for those so poor to emotions because the heart sits torn, taken for granted, the matter that makes me desire a paradox of uphill battles and downhill crawls where opposites attract and bricked up walls fall, where did we meet, love you, she, I, you, them, they, we, where are you? to my back, or to my front, I spin in circles wondering where are the arms to embrace me that push me away, no I wasn’t okay and you say pray, and I pray to stand at the gate that invites me in but the way is blocked, my hopes lays scattered because the chain has a lock, and the combination that plagues my mind sits in the way, so I can’t get in, an anyway, so much out and in and we begin again, strangers but friends, can I come in, can I come in, can I come in and rest, no dance because love is fickle, I can’t figure the purpose, but I keep rehearsing, hoping God soon shows up and leads me away. It should cost you nothing but you would give your life for a taste, savor the flavor of me to blind to see that loving is more than this reality, pain comes with pleasure at times but balance is love and in God so defined.

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