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This is an opportunity to be heard, the power of spoken word, to evoke creative minds to shine, it is for some the only chance you have to speak your mind, we are pushing one another down, walking across bodies, making martyrs of children, not speaking up, whispering shame in the dark, afraid to embrace an opinion that comes from the heart, was it okay so long go to say what you meant, now you face book or tweet trampling their innocence, you name use homophobic if we can’t rationalize your choice to embrace the face that God gave you, but in reality he is the only one that can save you, some dark place where privacy is not valued, makes it okay to be disrespectful out loud, to push your immorality out in the crowd, but you get disgusted with us, because the truth has been disembogued, you walk a road not anticipating the effects of it all, and then place blame, making it not your fault, you made fear your very best friend, when you changed the words of God but refuse to step up and take responsibility for the condition the world is in, control is an illusion created to trap the ones that refuse to turn around, and pull those up that fell by the way, not knowing that the words you seek are a prayer away, I am not here to write in the sand, I can’t judge you, that was not God’s plan, I am here to let you know that things are far from right, most of us spiritually know wrong from right, and while I ‘don’t condone the choices you make, we will all stand before the king in judgment someday, and I will say I told them the truth, if that is all I ever do, and I will still love you even if you go astray, your choices in life aren’t mine to contemplate, I walk a fine line just like you, and no matter the choice, you have to live with what you do, you will throw rocks at the house made of glass, it’s not that you do not know who he is, but you selected to pass, because we all have choices to make, and very few of us can earnestly say we pray, that we ask for guidance before we move but when that struggle begins to feel like drowning we pick up God’s tools, otherwise we just make up life’s rules, accountability is a thing of the past, we don’t realize they died so we could live, but still we crash, Collide into one another, forgetting that she is my sister, he is my brother, we are not apart from another, your choices affect them and who they become, and they struggle because we have a point to prove where oneness is undone. We fail to realize we can’t move apart from the one, thought we try, a body adapts when under attack and falters and falls from the weight of all, it is a creative way to make sin appears as okay, to look at God’s plan and conduct ourselves any old way, So I sin when I set in silence as well, I sin when I attack you and damn you to hell, so all I can do is just say in the most sincere and loving way, that a sin is a sin, no matter the style, whether it be done in the dark, in the light it will tower, and he that sees it all will have the final word, and until that last breath we all must exist in this world, but understand this, to all that claim love, I am is watching us all from above, he directed us all as the ones that claim him to warn those who know better to step outside sin, but that didn’t included us hurting one another, love is louder than hatred and more powerful then thunder. So speak to them in Love (charity) So these three remain, Hope faith and Charity and Of these the greatest is Charity (love)

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