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Black Love

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Black love, Afrocentric love, I got you, unclear of  who we are, but your aura got me stuck type love.

That love that thumps you in the back of your neck while pulling at your nappy edge type love.

That lace front removal, show you my real edges, I got my Vaseline and tennis shoes, pull off my hoops, type love.

That pop off my nails, snatch of that ponytail, I am going to get you sucker type love.

That tattoo of your face on my behind, I will risk it all to see you one more time type love.

That throwing caution to the wind, ride or die, I need your smile type love.

That loving hard, romantic is your arms type love,

That dropping it like it’s hot, making it rain cash, type love.

Black love, Afrocentric love,

That love that is misunderstood, comes without warning, and should never be judged type love.

They don’t know it when they see it, they can’t comprehend it, they get hooked when they try it, it’s additive, it’s worse than crack, both black women and men have died for it, to love black, while being black.

It’s a proverbial notion because when we flow black, in black love, they fear our motion because we as solid black send fear threw the core of them that see the power in that black love, that educated, creative, magnificent, mysterious, beyond exceptional, I will surpass you in all things type love.

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2 hours ago, Ldvirtue said:

I got my Vaseline and tennis shoes, pull off my hoops, type love.


This line made me smile. This and some of the others, I bet, would not be understood by many Black people. Even this line says a lot -- at least to me -- it communicates location (use if "tennis shoes" vs "sneakers"), it communicates class and age upper middle class girls don't buy vaseline and they diffently not prepping with it before a fight for a dude...

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