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The Father, Living water


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One body,

One individual, breaking off into many pieces all flowing in different directions,

Each of us represent a different choice made, and to think there are just that many choices,

There is one end for us all where we return to the beginning.

Imagine one man, and each part of him walking away, knowing what they desire with no real plan, never thinking to look back, because every part thinks they understand.

Picture the ocean in spite of the sea, never apart, one body, but the reality is every part is a separate drop.

some rise into the sky, take flight embrace life.

others breakaway to form ponds, rivers and lakes.

More beauty in life may await them but they will make so many mistakes.

Mistakes made before they become that landscaped view, that so many in life will plan, even crave to flock too, and others will beat against the rocks fighting to live at all cost.

Many will just sit at the shore, see life but refusing to exit the door, the possibility to unsure, with the promise of so much more.

So many will travel for a while all alone, push against the flow, desire a place to be the energy that only the father knows. Some will be comfortable in the place that they find realizing that many drops fell so they could have this life.

Some will dry up as they attempt to walk without him on land, while others will sacrifice and return to the original plan,

which goes back to say,

we all are one body that will walk on the land, representing the father, the one true (Great I am) Father..



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