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Hello world, I am here,  it may not be significant to you, but it means the world to some, in spite of the dim sunrise my smile is attempting to be on display, We all should get up and  at the least feel that way,  there are arms waiting for us all, even when it does not appear that we are important to anyone, the truth we are more than important to someone because everyone is linked in one fashion or another, we are connected in a stare glare smile, or swear, we impact one another, we affect each other, we matter, we are important precious divine one of a kind gifts of light, embarking on a darkness that needs our presence to have a purpose, seems strange, but strange is far from what we bring to the table, we feel transparent, like we can be looked threw, we desire at times to walk like tomorrow will disappear into yesterday, well my yesterday was not yours to dismiss, I see you even when you think your silhouette is large enough to hide your hue, I still see the beauty in you,  your colors so filled with royal shades that they captivate to eyes that dare peer in your direction, your spirit contagious, your laughter so powerful its infectious, you are only limited by what you select to run from,  I will not run

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