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We are purpose


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I am very disappointed in what women have subjected them too, what we as a gender consider tolerable, it’s in every encounter, in the very way that we move.


  It disgust me, leaves a foul taste in my mouth, because what they have done is neglected the truth, forgotten what doesn’t change is the so called golden rules,


 we are caught up and off by lies and deceit, by thinking it takes a man for a woman to be complete,  and I have said it before and I will say again, you don’t have to lower your standard or be a beneficial friend,


 Friends with benefits, it’s not conducive to the plan, he’ll fall short from his responsibility if you don’t require him to stand,


Why do you need him to determine your worth, you were placed a solid spirit beautiful at birth,


Why does the way he sees you make it okay, for you think or speak or move a certain way,


 you see we are powerful in our purpose and simply by design, created to help men find the strength to climb, to grow, to build, to set spirits free, we give them the joy that comes with their need,


Their need for us, the air that they breathe, our definitive goal is to help them achieve, be the miracle that add detail to all they believe,


we pick them up when they tumble, not  to critique their progress, accepting they’ll stumble, and out into reality we send them again, so they realize some  days we lose and others days we win,


we move apart but together as one, like the melody and words or the rising of the sun, it’s the melding of spirits that make separate okay, that allow two complete aura to blend in a perfect way,


but women that forget and lose that unique twist disappear in the loudness , where  the essence of a wife fails to exist, not there in the dark where they tolerate pain, where they lose what they believe to become a statistic in the game,


where left becomes right and right is wrong and confusion is the vice that keeps her running into the disappointment, it’s yet another man’s arms, because he told her she couldn’t breathe without him when the fact of the matter is without her he cannot win


he can’t embrace his future, he can’t wake to a dream, he was wandering a mist the madness, there is no king without a queen, she solidified his purpose, gave meaning to his plan, listened to his desires, so he would understand that he was not alone and never had to be, equal but unequal, This knowledge will set us free


but not today, there is a struggle going on, purpose is not learned and woman tolerate what is wrong,  so can we return to our purpose, can that be the plan, can we be responsible and until we find that worthy one who will move within GOD’s plan

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