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The beast


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Inner peace is a beast,

her strength I don't understand, but I lift her up because she took my hand and sometimes when I'm in a slump her words are what lifts me up,

she's my sister though she wasn't born in me I found her on some road and she became part of my tapestry,

she became important because she made me important and even when I feel alone out here in this world on my own she understands what I'm going through because often she's going through something too I

I know if I can find my way to her words it'll be okay,

she says things to me that are true and that's not what many people do,

she doesn't candy coat her words for me,

she just tells me what I need and that's exactly what she sees.

she's stronger than she even knows even though she walks with many woes and sometimes tears are in her eyes but her faith goes on,

no compromise and I respect her for that because she is a friend, just like me she doesn't fake, it's reality,

she doesn't just say what needs to be said, or try to protect my feelings,

she encourges me to lift my head, because that's just her or at least that's her with me

I appreciate who she is, and the way she lives, what she gives, the time she takes because she doesn't have to take the time to tell me that things will be fine.

everyone says that to me and sometimes I can't believe even though we both go through we climb the mountain and find the truth.

she takes the time, I appreciate her because she has her own problems but she listens and tells me what I need to know,

i confide in her because I trust her,

I trust the way she loves, how she lives and the lessons she has learned for me because I'm the sheltered and she has seen some things.

I probably wouldn't ever see and I appreciate her, my Jen and juice, if I could have grown up with a sister I wish she could have been like you.......


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