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Heterosexual Pride


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When I say I love you it is not to hear myself talking,

when I say I love you it is a melody to my soul I don't need to Prevert I love you because loving you is what makes me whole.

many think that because I love you. that I am attracted to your spirit.

that I love your style.

that I am tickled by your intellect.

We should lessen our responsibility to God and that is the lie that has the world running wild.

See I love women and I love men.

I love everything that God created but God hates sin and I don't sleep with everyone I am attracted to.

I was told by God to rightfully divide the words of truth and I'm not mad or angry but I'm sad because people don't know what to do,

there is so much hate that when you finally feel what you think you've never had you want to quickly embrace it and you lose the intent and the purpose of Gods greatest creation.

 Then there is us those that knows what it means - no matter how it seems walk upright as queens and kings.

there are those of us that aren't mad because you choose to turn your back on God.

we're angry because you force what you do on us publicly and it's all a facade. 

It's not real, it's not truth and can be seen in the fact that you can't reproduce,

you can't give life,

there's no future in it,

your decision is killing destroy and stealing but its your choice to stand at death's door, its not mine I'm not here to judge you but don't force on me your life.

your life choices, your decisions, you're right to be cruel.

see you Call Us hateful because we ask you to play by our rules.

we don't as heterosexuals force our life choices on you but you walk around like it's ok when you do what you do and my children and my grandchildren are seeing you now and they don't understand there's no room to be proud.

it's your business and that's what it should remain your business your claim to Shame but you want to be famous you want to stand proud but don't take my dignity I shouldn't have to say any of this out loud.

you should know better.

its private.

its your choice.

it's yours, not mine

stop pushing it on us.

let us be proud

Allow  us to sit back and shout loud I'm straight and I'm proud.

many I love have taken that path but they respect who I am even though their choice make me sad.

I love them in spite of whatever they do, but I don't want them promoting what I know in my heart is not true and I can sit and have dinner with them in a conversation can ensue but they don't force their selection.

we respect the point of view.

they don't walk in my home as anything but themselves because those that are truly doing in their heart what they feel they don't need to prove anything to the world because they are more then their sexuality or the choice in who they love.

they might be misguided but God is the only way to know love.

we are attracted to people that are similar to us,  and the problem is that many confuse attraction for love.

Search out God, and the rest will be added unto you..

it is remarkable what God can do.

trust him.

he has a mate for everyone and while people will be people and mistakes will be made the glory will go to God.

these are testimonies so I'm not here to save you

I'm just here to say please respect the heteralsexual. Let the movement begin so they understand the importance of living in a world where this would even be a conversation or debate


can we all just let God in

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