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Guest Nubianpoet

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Guest Nubianpoet

Details: http://silverboomerbooks.com/submissions.html

Silver Boomer Books seeks submissions for an anthology tentatively identified as Flashlight Memories. Submissions of prose and poetry should be submitted pursuant to these guidelines by March 15, 2010. The focus of the anthology is childhood reading. What events in your childhood led you to become a reader for life? Did you crawl between the sheets with a book and a flashlight? Did a friend or family member influence you? What books drew you into the world of literature? Send poetry or prose, and consider our earlier anthologies, Silver Boomers, Freckles to Wrinkles, and This Path for examples of style. Follow the guidelines set out later on this page.

How We Want It:

Electronic submission is preferred, with the manuscript or poem pasted into the body of the email. We are giving first preference to poetry of less than 50 lines, and prose not exceeding 1500 words. Poetry shorter than 12 lines tickles the editor in charge of formatting and stands a good chance of being used if the quality's there. We ask for one-time rights. If the submission has been previously published, cite each prior publication. If prior publication history is not included (including "This piece has not been published") the piece will not be considered. We require that a 50-100 word biographical sketch, written in third person, be included with the submission. See the SilverBoomers.com authors page for sample bios. Entries not meeting this requirement will not be considered.

Silver Boomer Books reserves the right to edit text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and minor syntax errors -- that's what editors do. We consult with the author before making major changes.

Please don't submit material you sent previously for a Silver Boomer Book as we have that and will be contacting authors if we feel the work would fit in future anthologies.

Electronic submissions:

Email us at SilverBoomerBooks@gmail.com

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Guest Nubianpoet

Mused fans - This is your final reminder! Today, Thursday Feb 4th, is the deadline for submissions for our Spring issue of Mused, the BellaOnline Literary Magazine! Get your poems, photos, plays, stories, artwork, and other items in by tonight at midnight for them to be considered for our Spring issue! All submissions are done online here - http://www.bellaonline.com/review/ Let me know if you have any questions at all using those pages! A note on artwork - make sure your large size image is at LEAST 1000 pixels on each side. We need that large size for the PDF version to be created at a printable quality level. If you have any questions about tweaking your camera so it takes photos in that range, you can email me your camera model and I'll help you figure it out! Have a great day! Sincerely, Lisa Sheaowner, BellaOnline.com

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