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Removing me from we isn’t us anymore,

Removing you from us isn’t I without you,

Removing direction and knowing the destination is like pounding peanuts that never turn to butter,

It is an unnatural state of existence where love is misspelled and misguided.

Love is jaded on the other side of authenticity, where we pretend to be something less than the cataclysmic change of reality where ice burns down the systematic structure that removed me from us,

Where you removed you from me and me isn’t I anymore,

They removed thoughts of tomorrow where darkness over takes the light and dimmer is not the shadow as it stands alone,

It is the door closed, the shades drawn, the light bulb broken,

Therefore, if you remove the source of us you lose the validity of you

You are we because we negate inclusion when we desire to be free

What is freedom, is it the alone me or the alone you when we were not intended to be alone

We were born to connect,

To be at the least two

Which is at the minimum me and you.

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