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Submissive women first submit to God. When you belong to God and understand the concept of submission, it is easy because when you submit to your husbands you are submitting hopefully to the God in him, and you continue to walk in submission because of the God in you.

You do not allow the world to alter your flow.

Your movement is your truth and the truth tells the world who you are and ultimately who you belong to and that in and of itself helps you understand how deep submission goes.

I move as the Queen, God made me to be, no matter how my King elects to step.

I do this because I as a Queen knows how much he needs me.

I stay in my lane and ask God to order my steps so my King a SON of the most high understands that my commitment is unmistakably concrete, unwavering, tangible and secure.

Therefore, if you truly are walking in your feminine style you understand that to serve a man with a smile is just how we move. It be description is part of a woman’s allure

He isn’t stronger than the God that I serve so he isn’t changing me.

I serve him because it is who I am and I enjoy the woman God intended me to be.

It's about whom we serve.

My man, a son of God, represents my God, and doesn’t even understand why.

Yet I know that submissive is what God called me to be. The example of what he requires of me.

I want to be obedient. I submit to him because God’s word is my truth.

So even if the man is not deserving in my mind God will always be deserving in my heart and I will always be true to God


The weaker vessel

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