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He called it a bribe.

So what did he have on me?

What information could he use that would have me thinking it a fair exchange.

He wanted what I had but I didn’t know clearly what it was and his innocence he maintained,

I couldn’t figure out in the complexity of that moment how I could ransom my soul,

Considering I was in the dark and was thinking, I need to know what is that he knows.   

The payoff seemed high for a puzzled incomplete,

I was toying with my imagination when contemplation said you’re into deep.

I stood at the entrance trying to understand how had I get myself in such a mess.

The settlement he requested I thought was another part of the test.

He was asking for my skills, which I share with, but a few,

I keep asking question not sure of what he knew,

I know that this isn’t funny, I hate these type of games.

Just as I was about to give in, he called out a different name,


Man, that is not me

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