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I want to be worth it.


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God I need others to see you in my very movement,

please take who I am and replace it with who you intend me to be,

I need your reflection. It’s your essence I need all others to see.

Father please meet me every morning, please let me look upon your glory in the rising of the sun.

When I open my eyes, let my ears be blessed to hear you in my morning song.  

Send me into a favor filled day where your mercy is what is waiting as I step outside myself.

God cover me in your grace, you are all; I don’t want anyone to see anything else.

Lord be my comfort as I speak to everyone.

Take my words and make words inviting soul to soul,

Lord push me down so that you can bubble over, to walk as an example of your love is my greatest goal.

Stand in the gap so that the deep trenches can be crossed.

Lord give me wings so that I soar above ungodly thoughts.

Please provide the answers to those questioning who you are.

Lord I need you to move ahead of me so that I can follow where you lead.

I am asking as your daughter because your love is what I need.

I need to be obedient to your movement in my life.

I just really want to be worthy,

I want to be worth Jesus’s sacrifice. 

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