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SeeSaw (A Memoir) details "truths" of eye disorders, eye surgery with it's unsatisfactory results. And not one specialists, attorney or the state gives a damn. What was taken from me, man  cannot replace.

Only God can restore ones eyesight, only HIM!


Dedicated to some that suffer with visual eye conditions; and  those whom are not aware of having  a visual eye condition

Pterygium is a dry eye condition of the cornea. specialists deem this eye condition to be the result of sun-rays. Many specialists say the condition arrives from being in the western part of the world. None are evident; merely their myths. 


Dry eyes development is unknown to man, therefore I was presented with the removal of what specialists called, "eye cysts."

Once the cyst was surgically removed, immediately the cysts reoccurred.

My eye was left botched, deformed appearance and the only thing the specialists tells me is to , "Go home get a glass of wine!"

It's been twenty years of still suffering from the (L) eye surgery removal; the discomforts and medical lies from ophthalmologists.


Dry eye conditions are real, annoying; giving  no enhancement of beauty to the eyes.

It took a lot of thinking  on my behalf as to  what could possibly go wrong, after all these are specialists in this field, I trusted the eye specialists twenty years ago to perform the eye surgery with great results. I was totally wrong; terribly disappointed of the results.


SeeSaw (A Memoir) is to educate all people to be knowledgeable; do your own research before allowing a specialists or surgeon to assume their way  right. 

When I began to fight for my rights, no one in this "commonwealth" listen; they're all stick together, defending their wrong.

I intend to continue my quest for my visual rights along with the rights for others whom are not aware of medical wrong-doings.

I "Value My Sight"; I Fight!












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