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Brook & Brax: Undercover Ninjas

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Xtatic Books LLC has just put out the new children's book Brook & Brax: Undercover Ninjas. As a Black Owned company, we support all good kids that do great things. We also promote youth empowerment and anti-bullying. In addition, we have a hip hop based music video that goes along with the book (see link below). Please support the BK&BX Movement. 




About the Book: 

Brook & Brax face a terrifying reality. Everyday, on their way home from school, they are cornered by bullies Puke and Lil Dumps, who threaten and hurt them. The boys always run and hide to escape further punishment, but one day, something extraordinary happens. While hiding, they are discovered by Sensei Iron Post, a teacher who would change their lives forever. 


Fast forward to today. The boys have survived five years of intense martial arts training and finally achieve the skills to defend themselves. But there is more to it…the boys now need to prove they are worthy of receiving magical ninja suits-suits that can only be worn by the truest of warriors.


Unfortunately, while Brook & Brax train, Puke and Lil Dumps amass a huge army of goons and thugs—the Stank Rebels—and take over their school. The Stank Rebels bully, harass, and extort students, teachers, and even the principal!


It all falls to Brook & Brax. Can they prove they are worthy and save their school, or will they also become victims to the sinister Stank Rebels? It’s a battle of good versus evil, and the fate of Moondrop Academy is in their hands… 







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