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For your consideration: Book Review

Guest Yvette Reid G.

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Guest Yvette Reid G.

Hello,  I am posting a book that a friend of mines wrote.  I welcome comments.


Author:  Keith D. Johnson

Title:  Filbert and the Party Pals:  The First Birthday Party Ever!!

ISBN:  978-164570349-5

Publication Date:  June 1, 2019

Synopsis:  This is the "official" story about how the very first birthday party was invented.  The main characters are Archie, Trudy, Filbert and Corey.  The story is set in the land of Chuckle Giggle Nu during the pre-historic dinosaur period, about a million years ago.  When Archie, a Pterodactyl, was still in an egg, and had not hatched yet, there was a rumble in the Chuckle Giggle Nu volcano.  The egg fell out of the nest and disappeared eventually flying into Trudy's (Triceratops) kitchen, landing in her mixing bowl.  The egg cracks open and out comes Archie, calling Trudy Mamma.    Trudy decides to raise Archie with the help of her friends Filbert and Corey.  After one year, Trudy decides to throw Archie a birthday party and invite some friends.  But the party almost didn't happen due to some unsavory characters wanting to steal Archie's cake and presents.  This book is the second in a series of 10 books. 


Click here to view the book cover.




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