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Perception, it is not a matter of what you see in your mind. It is not what your eyes witness that make perception a reality. We see things all the time refusing to believe our lying eyes, our minds make us give our thoughts permission to compromise. Perception is based on experiences whether good or bad, it is about what we are taught and often more than not our parents where working with the best they had. It is hard to consider as the children we once where that others would impact the way we learn to view the world. There are those that come along to challenge what you believe because knowing is an Illusion wrapped in stories that are jaded by what is deemed truth. Reality and truth are far from best of friends, one man’s truth can brings another man’s reality to an end. Reality is determined in the very place that you stand and as you change your direction so will the truth as we understand. We see, think and decide that we know what to do, we base some simple principles on what we think is truth, but the truth for some is a noose about the neck, it keeps them in the dark where reality can’t be met. Someone is yelling, their perceptions into the night, not contemplating the outcome, who cares if it’s wrong or right, slightly changes words to history as it is told, taking for granted because no one is left who knows how the story really goes. So we perceive what we believe as the truth in modern times. We look for the words but they’ve been compromised, they wrote us out of the stories and rewrote themselves in the staring roles. they fractionized our existence and decided what we’d know. they took away our systems in an attempt to control our flow, well is it time that we took our stories back, taking control of our perception is where we will start, teaching the future generation just what they should know, so they understand that we are Gods greatest works of Art. It starts in us realizing it is in the way we view each other and the way we worship God as well as the way we react to their falsifying our royalty, and we all do this out of love. Changing a perception won’t be a simple task yet we must begin someplace and to start is all I ask.

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