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The door


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The door: it only looks like an entrance, but when it is examined, it is so much more.

We use the door for so many things, it is a way of escape depending on the direction it swings.

It is a pendulum that can be blown opened or closed. It has duel purposes when we consider should it be opened or closed.

The door is the way many come in. we invite them, to enter where a conversation can begin and in the same breath we tell them to leave but the intent of the direction is decided by the perception believed.

The exit sign sets just up above but is never noticed when we enter in love, and yes the door is often sealed shut, the soul that is broken will brick the door up.

Some doors are beautiful to be seen.

The art work that was invested has one wondering if to just open the door what there would be, and as the door opens the things that are found have you wondering if the emptiness inside was silently yelling out loud and then the crushed door that looks like it was kicked down.

The hinges are missing and the glass is broke out. The door that is hanging on by a thread. It is the very door that gets passed like it owes the world this great debt. The door that is worn and the come in sign hangs to the left, you’d never dare venture for fear of the dread, yet this door is simply less appealing because of much use, it is only uninviting when considering the view.

Nevertheless when it is opened the story’s it tells are magic, the words on the wall are written in grace, everything concerned just finds it place but we walk right by this door every day, passing judgement because it doesn’t appear to entered would be safe, We look for the door, which is that way of escape. When we enter to walk the road less traveled we learn to open the door most used is the only way.


He Is door


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