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Balance, the yin and the yang, two equal parts, different yet same, value and worth, caution without pain, to be uneasy and alarmed, proud and shamed. The conundrum that describes the strange, that gives names to the nameless that are showered with fame. The walk to the crawl and backs become fronts and no one is turning around but the mystery lost in the moment becomes so profound. Identical places that set back to back. The coin toss that has tails looking up while the head was once at. The falling of rain and raising of sand. The coarseness of water as it sits on the ground. The nature flow with the robotic dance is the motion of still where to be blind is to be seen at a glance. The forward gesture with the backward drift where right is wrong, and a compromise the very wish. The nightmare that is cultivated becomes the dream of tranquility in the occasion created the bustle of a culture not often seen. Balance: the good and bad, the happy, the sad, joy and pain, the yin the yang. The beginning again only to know that it all comes to an end., enemies soon becomes friends, we open our eyes just to close them again, but balance so uncomfortable to us but really beyond Jesus what else can we trust balance..

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