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Review Request; a family tree, Taking Root

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Dear Friends,

I would greatly appreciate your consideration to review my novel, a family tree, Taking Root, which was inspired by an actual event (below) and is available at www.daviddoc.com/books .         


One morning, back in the 90s, I was watching the local news in Los Angeles and heard a story about a woman, gunned down as she walked from her front door to her car to go to work.  The police report stated that gang members targeted her for an initiation challenge.  The suspect took her purse and, I assumed, left some people without a mother, grandmother, sister, auntie, or friend.

I don't know why, but this senseless act stayed with me for a long time, though I could only imagine the misery and turmoil her loved ones suffered.  I took it upon myself, however, to let others feel their sense of tragedy in my saga, a family tree, Taking Root,

and gave her life a story from my imagination.

Virginia is her name in the book, though the story starts with her brother, Roman, looking for a house with his family.  In retrospect, the story goes back 12 years to 1963.  At 14, Virginia lives in a turbulent household but has her sights set on becoming a civil rights attorney, like her uncle.  She also has to keep an eye on Roman, who at 13, gets into a lot of fights.  The exciting part or her life, is her Mexican beau, Manuel.

Life tests Virginia's strength in her early years when, as a teen bride, she loses her father to the Watts riots, her daughter comes 10 weeks early that New Years, and her Manuel dies in Vietnam.  Then, her brother has two babies with different girls before he turns 17. 

From that point, I follow Virginia's path, which starts with her devotion to her family and community, always putting herself second until she finally remarries and starts her own household until a gang member's random act.


My background: Despite a spinal cord injury that confined me to a wheelchair at age 17, I studied English at UCLA and Journalism at USC.  I've written for various regional and national publications.  I've also taught writing from sixth grade through college level for 28 years.


Thank you sincerely for your consideration, and I have scheduled a free Kindle giveaway for next Tuesday, January 14th, or I will gladly send FREE paperback copies to the first five replies to www.daviddoc.com 


David doc Robertson

a family tree paper cover web.jpg

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