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Israel reaches out to Sudan

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No matter what happens in the Middle East, Black military personnel will invariably lose their lives in hot conflicts.

I have always played close attention to world affairs because I’m interested in history and this region is the source of the most reported trouble on Earth. It also sucks up trillions of U.S. tax dollars every year. I want that some of that cash used to rebuild our cities, bridges, roads and water systems.

Which brings me to a development that is being widely celebrated in Israel. I read about this first on Al Jazeera's website, but waited until I had more confirmation before writing about it.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is bragging about arranging a deal for full diplomatic relations with Sudan. It is no secret Israel is always on the hunt for new friends. And this appears a major coup for the indicted leader.

Why Sudan? Politics. Appearance.

Sudan has oil, but its people rely mostly on agriculture to eke out a living. The country is one of the poorest in Africa. The Sudanese civil war prevented the oil from being extracted. It now lies in South Sudan, which was created in the aftermath of the civil war.




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Perhaps it's a trick or perhaps Israel sincerely wants to build more allies in Africa.
I have mixed feelings on this one.

The Jews aren't the biggest friends of African people....but neither are the Arabs. And a lot of times African nations need help but don't get the help (or respect) they deserve from their Arab and fellow so-called Muslim allies in the Middle East.
Saudi Arabia and Egypt will criticize Somalia for making a deal with Israel and invoke "Muslim solidarity" in their critique.....but then turn around and make deals with Israel THEMSELVES!

Many of the Christian Africans are able to come to the United States and Europe and enjoy wealthy fruitful lives, while many of the Muslim Africans aren't even allowed to go to Arab nations or if they are they come there as servants and slaves.




I’m interested in history and this region is the source of the most reported trouble on Earth.

You're right, because it's the first place the Caucasians started making trouble on this planet after leaving the mountains of central Asia and venturing into the lands of the original peoples further south.


The country is one of the poorest in Africa.

Much of this poverty.....like much of the poverty in the rest of Africa...comes from ignorance.
Ignorance of a knowledge of self and civilization.
The fact that so many people who live in a tropical environment where nearly anything can be cultivated and grown but for some reason can't seem to eat and have to wait on people from cold fridgid zones to feed them is evidence of how ignorant they are. 

In many African environments it's become CUSTOM for people not to actually get out and work the land for themselves or even build for themselves....but to sit around and wait on Caucasians in Europe to SEND them food or items through Amazon ect..
A sickness breaks out in the village.....do THEY build hospitals and make needles and beds for themselves?
Or do they ORDER more needles and beds and sheets from England or France or beg America and China to come and build hospitals for them?

If our people would abandon most of that silly shit that they learned from their Caucasian (European and Arab) colonizers and start going back to their ancient forms of civilization then they wouldn't be in poverty and everyone would get along and live just fine. 
It may seem ironic, but being a slave actually makes you LAZY because it's seems easy not to have to think for yourself when your master is doing all of the thinking and making all of the plans for you.

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I do not believe it is a trick. Israel desperately wants new friends. This is not an alliance. It's merely an establishment of full diplomatic relations. I do not trust Netanyahu as far as I can toss a 100 pound sack of potatoes. 

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On 2/5/2020 at 6:23 PM, Pioneer1 said:

perhaps Israel sincerely wants to build more allies in Africa.


Yeah, and perhaps Bruce Jenner is a woman.


21 hours ago, Stefan said:

It's merely an establishment of full diplomatic relations.


You mentioned the civil war in Sudan. After September 11, there were only six countries left on Earth whose financial system was not based on U.S. dollars (controlled by the IMF or World Bank): Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, and Iran. We all know what happened to Iraq. Obama ("NATO") invaded and destroyed Libya. North Korea is financially insignificant, but a perpetual "enemy" of the USA/Israel/Europe. Same with Cuba. The war drums with Iran are perpetually beating as well. I guess this could all be one big coincidence, but I doubt it.


Sudan was partitioned into two countries, one with all the oil (South), one with nothing, except the pipeline that goes all the way to the Red Sea. Israel has no morals, no regard for anyone but its phony self. Their own Talmud tells you how sincere that are with this alleged (South) Sudan allegiance and how they operate in general. “[SO-called] Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a goy.” Baba Kamma 113a.


When Israel wants something, they simply call on their puppet in the White House to carry out their wishes via war and destruction. JFK was the last POTUS who did not bow down and worship Israel like a monarchy. He's also the last President who was assassinated.

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"[SO-called] Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a goy." Baba Kamma 113a.

Oh....I see you know TALMUD!

The Talmud (the Babylonian & Jerusalem Talmud) was given to Jews to civilize them and teach them organization and mastery over the other Caucasians (goyim) so that they could lead them out of the mountains and caves of the Caucasus.

Yeah, and perhaps Bruce Jenner is a woman.

Lol, I hear you man.
Look.....I don't trust Israel or her intentions any more than you do BUT when I say they may be looking for "allies" in Africa I mean just that.....ALLIES.
Not necessarily friends or bosom-buddies.
If Israel can use African nations, African nations can use Israel.

And let's be real, believe it or not from a political point of view there is reason to trust the Israelis more than a lot of these racist and hypocritical Arabs. For one thing Israel pound for pound is wealthier and more powerful than almost any Arab nation because they are backed by the United States, so they have more to offer and less reason to double-cross and abandon their allies. Having Israel as an ally almost guarantees America as your ally.

Secondly, I believe I said this before but the Jews aren't the biggest enemies to African people. Jews KNOW what time it is and they know their place on the global scale. They know they own their civilization and Caucasian civilization in general to US and because of this they tend to be more respectful of Africa and Africans.
Even in America......

I'm not sure about Iowa but in the Detroit area before the Chaldeans and Arabs moved in and started owning liquor stores and other businesses in Black neighorhoods....Jews occupied those business spots. And most older AfroAmericans will tell you that the Jews were a whole lot nicer and respectful to AfroAmericans than the Arab merchants. You almost never heard of Jews molesting AfroAmerican girls or shooting down AfroAmerican men who came into their stores in the past like you hear about so many of these Arabs.

I'm not saying we should trust ANY of them, I'm just saying.....

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