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Buy One, Get One FREE Movie Ticket for The Photograph

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Love on your Partner and make sure to go to the movies to support this Beautiful Black Love Story, The Photograph, which premiers on Valentine’s Day. 


Use the Promo Code: THEPHOTOGRAPHBOGO for a Buy One Get One FREE Movie Ticket at Fandango website.


Click here to Buy Movie Tickets:



Click here to view the Movie Trailer:





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I saw this flick over the weekend and though it was really good. 


It would have been much better with stronger actors in the lead roles, but they were adequate. The actress who played Isa's mother's role would have been much stronger in Isa's role.


I had to completely suspend disbelief in everyone's living arrangements -- these young people had multi-million dollar residences with artwork high end appliances, etc... but a lot of movies do that for some reason.


Still it was simply refreshing to see Black love, on the large screen, in all it's complexity and nausance. Definitely a date night flick.

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