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Guest Sean Allen

Black Self-Published works

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Guest Sean Allen

My name is RaShawn Allen and I have recently just finished one of the most fascinating stories a couple days ago. It is not popular nor has a large following, yet I have never read another book like it. I may be the only one who thinks it, but this novel takes an incredible approach to highlight many of the issues associated with the living conditions of Blacks in America. It uses intricate themes while also telling a compelling coming of Age story. I would love for others to read and review this novel, since I may be impartial because a friend of mine wrote it. The title is called "The Canton Greats" by Ronald Jermaine Love. The ISBN is 9781086657548. The publication date is August 5, 2019 for Paperback and July 31, 2019 for eBook. 

The Description,

What would happen if the world turned mad?
Would there even be any difference?
The tale of the Bartholomew Brown is one unlike any other. A boy and an impossible Dream to achieve Greatness in a world that was never destined for him. From one Canton to another…there is a very ugly truth behind. The harsh turmoil and overwhelming defeats of those who don’t survive. But the story is not just his own. Spanning from the dilapidated streets of the intercity, to the maddening walls of suburbia, and even to the towering penthouse of solitude over-looking them all. The heartless journey comes full circle when these unlikely paths clash. And it will be up to these few lowly individuals to decide the fate of a world gone mad.
(Loosely based on some really real stuff y’all)


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