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Wendy Jones


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Fellow Writers,

I suggest that you create your version of a


What is that?

It’s any combination of links, essays, videos, music that fits in with the theme of your book. Everyone is home working, attending classes online, or not working.

Think about what these various people need and how that dovetails with your book. My title is generic, I am sure you can think of something snappy and original for your kit: Mazie’s Amazing Marble Cake for Staying at Home


Recently, I was in a webinar sponsored by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association. According to one panelist, who was a publisher, there are three categories of books that readers want right now: Young Adult non-fiction, cookbooks, and escapist literature.


I am sure she is right, but all sorts of people are looking for all kinds of books right now. Your book could be one of them.


Is there a single parent trying to work at home and supervise homework for a fourth grader? Of course, the school has sent home curriculum, but maybe you have a children’s book that would fit right in with this grade level.


Lead with various activity suggestions or links that would be useful.


At the end of the list, send a chapter of your book or a description of the book and a link to your website where the parent can buy the book. If you don’t have a website, now is the time to set one up. 


(See LATEST BLOW TO BOOK INDUSTRY- posted on Amazon Forum)


What about people who want to use this time to create more home cooked meals?


For instance, a cookbook writer could include easy-to-cook recipes for nutritious meals, with emphasis on the best foods to boost your immune system. End with information about your book and a link to your website.  


Okay, so you get the idea.


 An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones tells my mother’s life story interspersed with African American History. It traces the racial, gender, and class discrimination that she faced and overcame.


I write a (mostly) monthly article, including sources, on a black woman or man in American History on my website for my email list.  


Because I was so active celebrating Black History Month in the physical world, I had not done it online. And here it was near the end of March and I hadn’t done anything for Women’s History Month either.


I knew Ida B. Wells would be upset with me.


The kit was my atonement.


I listed what was in the kit ending with information about


The Culinary Art Portfolio of Josephine E. Jones

with photographs by John Turner, my next book.


I am offering a link to the kit here not just as an example, but because I think you’ll find the information worthwhile.


Click on African American Literature Book Club’s s link on my website and you’ll come right back here.



Here, along with my wish for everyone’s good health,

was what I sent to my email list:  





4 - Inspiring Quotes


2- African American Biographies 


Black History Month


Baptist preacher and civil rights advocate

(Not the one you think.)


Women's History Month


Protested segregated transportation system

(Also not the one you think.)


2- Links and descriptions of two incredible  websites: Internet Archive and African American Literature Book Club - access history, literature, film, discussion groups, book clubs and more.


At the Internet Archive I saw a 1905 silent short, read part of Henry "Box" Bibbs' 1849 enslavement narrative (he shipped himself to freedom in a box), looked at several Oscar Micheaux (the first African American feature movie director, producer, author - 44 films) film posters (couldn't find the movies here, but Youtube has a few), and watched Trevor Noah's March 24, 2020, Covid-19 Program (interviews guests only on video). All that on my first visit to the site.


Thanks to my life partner for discovering this nonprofit site.


I have highlighted African American Literature Club before, but they have new features, such as the online book club, so it's worth taking a look again.


Information about my next book


Consider it like a box of chocolates,

a plate of oysters,

or a basket of strawberries:

take what you want and leave the rest.


Feel free to pass it on. This is safe to spread around.


Please scroll down below Pauli Murray's picture--which jumped from further up the page where it belongs, but it does make the



If you click on the links for the missing pictures you'll leave the website.


You will need to click on the link below to come back.


Here's the link to my website: https://idabellpublishing.com/thoughts-updates/



Fellow writers, I hope this has been helpful.




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On 3/31/2020 at 11:45 PM, Wendy Jones said:

Fellow writers, I hope this has been helpful.


@Wendy Jones  this is wonderful concept!  A friend also told me to set up a resource-type kit on my website.  She mentioned it should look like a restaurant she visited called "Flight".  Thank you!

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On 3/31/2020 at 11:45 PM, Wendy Jones said:

....all sorts of people are looking for all kinds of books right now.


True, I have not observed any difference in the types of books people are buying (based upon my sales) they are just buying more.


The concept of doing more with ones iwn website is great. Did IBPA talk about how authirs could get people to visit their websites?


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