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The Educational Pledge: Questions to Self-Development

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"The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development"

by Alberto O. Cappas


Target Audience: Public Schools, Colleges/Universities, Reform Schools, and Corrections.


It is often said that to be great you must overcome many obstacles, that only the strong survive,  and that only those who possess the power of the mind, can create success for themselves.

Nothing can be further from the truth when you're honest with yourself, and when you learn to empower yourself by answering your own questions about life. 

The Educational Pledge is based on a poem. The book is meant to be read, adopted and used as an educational guide to further the positive journey of our young people. 


The book is a self-development pledge designed to help us understand how we can begin to empower ourselves.

The author, Alberto O. Cappas, realizes the importance of education, and why we need to empower ourselves. Everyone should take the time to reflect on who they are, and what they can become. The purpose of this publication is for our young people to apply the principle and values of The Educational Pledge.


For example, in order for young people to pull up their pants, we must first work with them to pull up their minds.

What you hold in your hands is a weapon to help young people understand who they are,  and how they can empower themselves.


We hope you use the power of your pen to empower our young people!  We hope to see the essence of reviewing this book in your publication.







For Contact Information:

Solomon Joseph

The Educational Pledge




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