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News. Says. Racist. White. Groups,Neo. Nazi ,Plan. To. Deliberately. Infect. People. With,Coronavirus. News. Says. Racist. White. Told. Racist. White,People. If. They. Have. The ,Coronavirus. To. Deliberately ,Infect. People .  Black,Brown. ,Communities. Are. Hard. Hit. By,Coronavirus.  Black,Brown. ,Communities. Slow. To. Get. Coronavirus. Testing.    Remember,I. Said. Viruses. Can,Be. Used. To. Decrease. ,Population.. Biological  Terror...Coronavirus. Rapid. In. Prisons.. 5-Year. Old. Black. Girl,Died. From. Coronavirus. . This. Country. Lunatic. Racist ,President. On. The. News.  Being. A. Racist. Lying. Lunatic.

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Where DO you get such confidence in AfroAmericans?
Do you sit around all day listening to Farrakhan lectures?






Well right now all they're talking about in the media are vaccines.
They aren't talking about how to actually kill the virus itself (well.....The Donald mentioned a few methods for killing the virus that I don't think it's wise to even repeat out of concern some fool may decide to try it) and CURE people.  That's not even being discussed by them.
They are talking about the various vaccines that have been developed and who will be the first gineau pigs for them to be tested on.

All of these hundreds and probably thousands of laboratories around the United States and world doing all of this research and yet scientists claim they can't even kill the virus that causes the common cold.

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I think the best solution for this and most diseases is for people to build up and maintain a strong immune system.

This starts with proper living and eating habits, which.....as you alluded to in another thread.....most people aren't practicing.

Hanging out all night drinking and smoking dope.
70 year olds gobbling down pop, doritos, and other junk food.
Standing around on the street talking loud, arguing, and fighting over bullshit.

You know something.......
When I was a kid MOST men used to walk around with handkerchiefs and when it rained MOST people used umbrellas; now a days most people I see are walking around in the rain without umbrellas and wiping their mouths and noses with their shirts!

This behavior is unhealthy even under normal conditions, let alone during a pandemic.

It seems that over the years people in this society are losing their "civility" or sophistication.


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