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Day. Of The. Shetani !.

harry brown

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In. Africa's. Cango  Cave,Small. Pygmy. Tribe. Play . Their. Drums.  They-Summon. The. Evil. Spirits. The. Shetani   To. Come.  It. Is. The. Evil. -White. Men. They. Seek,Upon. Black. Africans. Forcing. Their. Evil-Supremacy. Christanity. Poachers. Killing. Elephants And  Rhinos  For-Profit  ,Killing. Africa's  Endangered  Species..  They  Surround  The  -White  Men  ,They  Are  Unable  To  Flee.  They  Will  Be  Taken  To  --Madagascar  To  Be  Eaten  By  The  Man  Eating  Tree.  The  Evil  White-Men. Chained. And. Shackled. Screaming. Shrieking ,Upon. The. Ground..  In. The.  Trees. Creepy. Lemurs.  Intrigued. By. The. Sound.---Beneath. The. African. Sun.  The. White. Men. Are. Eaten. One. By. One.-The. Evil. Spirit. Shetani Go. Back. To. Africa's. Under. World. Where. -They. Have. Been.  They. Will. Be. Summoned. When ,. The. White. Man. --Comes. Again.....

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