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George. Floyd. Murdered. ,5-Minutes. Of Horror-

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Unarmed. George. Floyd. Murdered. By.  Racist. White. Police. In--Minnesota.  .  Racist. White. Police. Officer. Knee. On   George. Floyd-Neck.  In. Video. George. Floyd. Saying. He. Could. Not. Breath.  This--Lasted. More. Than. 5-Minutes .  .. 4-Police. Fired.  On  The  News  --Proresting,Buisbesses  Burning  .  .  LeBron  James  Says  This  The  --Reason Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Was  Kneeling  Down . .  --Within-The  Coronavirus Racism  and  Murder. From  Racism  Has Not  ,Stopped.  . Loud  Protest  For. George. Floyd.Murder. .  What. Is. -Silent-Is. Black. Police. Voices....

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9 hours ago, harry brown said:

What. Is. -Silent-Is. Black. Police. Voices....


Well, they may be outnumbered. 











Derek Chauvin





Shawanda Hill, right, the girlfriend of George Floyd reacts near the spot where he died while in custody of the Minneapolis Police, on May 26.









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LeBron James Says This The --Reason Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Was Kneeling Down

Much respect for Lebron for using his platform as a super star to speak out on these issues, but he's kind of wrong on this one......

The REAL reason Kaepernick began kneeling in protest (which in my opinion appears to show MORE respect for the flag and national anthem than simply not standing for it) is because a CAUCASIAN man whispered in his ear and tricked him into it.

I forgot what he was doing originally, but after this Caucasian man who was a military veteran had a meeting with him and gassed him up about how much he respected his cause and offered the idea of how it would be better and more effective if he "took a knee" in protest....then Colin began doing it and some other sheeple followed suit.

Deceptive intelligence.

This should be a lesson that we shouldn't let those from outside of our community talk us into doing things we're not sure about doing.

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