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A Book To Escape Reality of Racism/Police Brutality (review request)

Guest Janee' Thompson

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Guest Janee' Thompson

Hi everyone! I am seeking a review for my newly self-published contemporary YA novel titled Looking Beyond the Ordinary. With everything going on in the country regarding COVID, racism, and police brutality, I know Black people are tired as ever and exhausted (including me). As an educator, I know our Black teens and children are hurting, too. I thought I might bring this book to the table for anyone ages 15+ looking to take a much needed mental break from racism and police brutality, and read about Black characters in a way in which we aren't oppressed by anti-black racism. Here's the information below! Thank you!


Name: Janee' Thompson


Title: Looking Beyond the Ordinary


Publish Date: April 1, 2020




Website: www.booksbyjanee.com




Fame, clout, money, and popularity; Jade Williams, a freelance hip hop dancer, has everything any high school senior could want, including the finest, flyest basketball player in school, Mike Harrison. Raised by her rich mother to believe that as long as she has status, money, and the perfect man, her future will always be bright, Jade will do whatever it takes to uphold her mother’s expectations. 

That is, until she becomes curious about a not so ordinary guy, who happens to be the school’s most bullied student. 

The more she feeds her curiosity and and gets to know him while planning for life after high school, the more she realizes she faces an important decision: choosing a life of pettiness, pride, and popularity, or walking a path towards empathy, compassion, and love.





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