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I thought you knew


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Do I kill you when I take your life? Or do I kill you when I still your future,

These are tangible questions, that people of color ask every day. Is life lacking a future more than existence without breath, do we breathe when we are  being choked out of a dream or a hope, because as we roam these roads that are paved with the blood of the colored individuals, we realize we have only learned to cope. We say we are free and equal, when freedom and equality are bridges that seldom meet, so many man made rules that were created to rule and decide my fate. Freedom was not ever free just check out the militaries death rate.  Equality comes 2nd in comparison, for your so called equality many a mother had to give up a son, these men that battle for us never heard the words, I think we won. Because did they win? and at the cost of what? one man’s pride like a chest game played and not one of your sons lay in a shallow grave, but he can’t pull his cell phone out, but she doesn’t rule the world because she had to fight just for her presence to be allowed.  We question politics but never read the rules, call the planning ridicules when my fight wasn’t even with you. So, did I kill you way before you were born. Did I trap you in a place where the shade of your skin could bring you harm, No I didn’t think it threw. The moment that I taught you to not value your worth, that was the moment that I killed you.

Miss-educated isn’t to know, but I thought you knew..

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