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Guest Madinah S.

Stage a “Takeover” to Promote Your Book!

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Guest Madinah S.

I’m certain that we can all agree that although supremely rewarding, writing and taking a book to press is extremely challenging, particularly with the decrease in earnings that have plagued the literary industry for greater than a decade past. Thus, one must pose the question, “how are you employing technology to build your audience of readers?”


Quick, I have a few questions to ask:


1. Name five Black animated characters.

2. Okay, now, name three Black (and female) animated characters. 


I’ll wait...


You see, a lion’s share of the projects that we develop for O.W. Showe can be traced back to expanding her audience in places where she would otherwise go unnoticed.


On 13 Jun, O.W. staged a “takeover” of a popular Facebook page and ingratiated herself into a fierce clique of new friends, who would have probably assumed that her name was synonymous with Harpo Studios, versus MadPo Production Studio. No harm, no foul. I accept full responsibility for the lack of awareness; it won’t happen again.


Regardless, the event did NOT run as smoothly as one would imagine. Her friends CAME FOR O.W. unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Can you believe they accused her of being a “bot!?” My heart was broken. Mind you, neither she, nor I, have social media accounts (FB, Twitter, IG) and received a swift lesson from the audience regarding “posting too frequently on a timeline.” We eventually agreed upon a new post every 30 minutes 🤣 It was quite an eye opener, and of course, I shared my experience and lessons learned here:



*bonus song included*


Yes, ten hours of straight 🔥 as I learned to connect with a brand new audience versus pushing content into their ears and eyes. In the end, it was all love and we shared a host of promotional codes with our new friends.


Have you staged a “takeover” in the past or plan to do so in the future? How did it go? Did your team observe an increase in views during, or after the event? Was the ultimate goal reached?


* * *


My advice to O.W. before she reluctantly assumed command of the Facebook page:

DO NOT GRAB YOUR BALL AND GO HOME! There will be (faux) bloodshed; that’s okay. People will attempt to highjack your post and/or silence the message; that’s okay. Stick to the script!


How are you FORCING tech to share your literary works in circles that have never seen, nor heard about your level of awesomeness?


Stay safe!

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