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Detective novel puts a turbulent post-rebellion Detroit at the forefront

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Contact Name: D’Andre Walker

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Detective novel puts a turbulent post-rebellion Detroit at the forefront

 ‘The Man Across Eight Mile’ will publish on January 26, 2021

Farmington Hills, Michigan – Florence Woodward Publishing will release a new novel by Detroit born author, D’Andre Walker. ‘The Man Across Eight Mile’ is the story of Dominique Broddie, a young detective trying to rise through the ranks of a newly integrated Detroit Police Department with the hopes of salvaging the thing that matters most to him; his family.


When the mysterious Reverend Brown’s son goes missing, Dominique is put on the case. It soon hits way too close to home and challenges everything he thought he knew about manhood and life. The Man Across Eight Mile is about fatherhood and a man learning what he needs to do to keep his family together. But at its heart, it’s about a man navigating daily life in 1970s Detroit, one of the city’s most pivotal time periods while being chased by the demons of his own expectations as well as his experiences in the Vietnam War.


“We usually look at what’s happening in the present without any regard for the past and how or why we may have reached this point,” says Walker. “I hope this book is not only a positive ode to parents everywhere who do the best they can, but also gives a basis for the state of affairs that Detroit has been under for the past sixty years. Though the book is fiction and provides a dramatic depiction of Detroit, having spent my childhood there, the book was very personal for me to write.”


Florence Woodward Publishing is a Michigan based trade book publisher. It was formed in May 2019 and comprises of adult and young adult fiction. Florence Woodward Publishing prides itself on being a small, independent publishing firm that is committed to releasing unique stories from typically unheard of points of view.


The publication of The Man Across Eight Mile comes a year after D’Andre’s debut novel, Not Only in Blood which was called “a modern classic” by the website Indies Today. Author and publisher are just two of the many hats that D’Andre wears. He is also a civil engineer by day and hard hitting amateur boxer by night. You can follow him on Facebook DreWalkTheAuthor and Instagram @walkman93_ or follow him on his website drewritesbooks.com. D’Andre currently lives in central California working on his next project.




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