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Damn Right -Turn The Whole Place Out

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I'm so proud of this brother for standing up for this sister like that!

The mainstream media will show that Caucasian couple in St. Louis with guns standing outside their mason all day long to energize Caucasians, but they won't show the ABOVE video of a Caucasian couple who got a little too nasty around the wrong brother and got "regulated" on.

Oh no.....lol....they don't like showing you that.

I've seen many Suspected White Supremacists walking around without masks on doing whatever the hell they want to do ignoring the rules and nobody (except me) seems to be checking their asses.
They walk around grabbing on their noses and some of them even cough without covering their mouths which ain't cool even with NOTHING going but especially unacceptable with this pandemic still raging.  I can only conclude that many of them are KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY being contrary and vulgar like a lot of Agent Orange's supporters who make it a point NOT to wear a mask.

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Notice nearly all of the AfroAmericans in the bar (except for that one huge brother who came over to break up the fight) were wearing masks and OBEYING THE RULES, but none of the Caucasians in the bar were; including the ones who came into the picture during the fight.

They don't think the rules apply to THEM.....they think they apply to YOU.

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That sister in the bar wasn't tripping.
She wasn't over reacting and being unnecessarily hostile, her concern about this racist INTENTIONALLY spreading this mess was REAL!

Look at this report:





Woman who intentionally coughed in baby's face wanted for assault, California police say

San Jose police said the suspect appeared to be upset that the mother was not "maintaining proper social distancing" and coughed on the 1-year-old.

The San Jose Police Department said in a press release that the suspect "was upset the female was not maintaining proper social distancing, so the suspect removed her face mask, got close to the baby’s face, and coughed 2-3 times." She then left the store.

The incident was caught on video and released by the police department. It shows the mother standing in line with the stroller between her and the suspect.

The mother, Mireya Mora, told NBC Bay Area that the woman made a racist comment to her at the store. Mora is Hispanic and the suspect is apparently white.



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