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What are you listening to now?

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On 9/3/2020 at 4:19 AM, daniellegfny said:

AM radio.


I told you!

I TOLD you that I knew AfroAmericans who are truck drivers, Uber drivers, etc....who started off as politically neutral but after driving around listening to right-wing  AM radio propaganda all day they eventually turned Republican.

I don't want to ruin the subject of the thread but let me ask this, get an answer, and I'm out of it.....
Now let me ask you Daniel, and be honest......

Were you a Republican BEFORE you started driving or listening to AM talk radio?

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I'm checking out, Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance BandThis was recorded in a book store and record shop in Lagos Nigeria, The Jazzhole. It represents what a Black-owned bookstore can be in the United States.  I had the opportunity to visit the store back in 2009., but have never seen the band.






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THE ISRAELITES-- I heard this song at the beginning of a $1.00 dvd I bought at the Dollar Tree and at first, I did not really understand the lyrics at all, but it just stuck in my mind and I found myself wanting to hear it over and over again. 

The dvd film was awesome too! It's a UK film called "Made in Daghenam" and it's based on a true story set at the time this song became very popular. I loved that movie so much, I have watched over and over again! 

Finally after hearing that song at the beginning of the movie, I finally heard and understood, the word "Israelites" and I thought, WOW! I know that certain Jamaicans especially the Rastas and other people of the West Indies identify themselves as Israelites and the fact that this song became a big hit in the UK and even here in America amazes me. 










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5 hours ago, Delano said:

Definition of a BAND by Mint Condition...

Monster record.👍🏿


As a musician, I have much respect for Mint Condition because they are the last AfroAmerican band i.e. real singer and musicians. 


Of course, lead singer Stokely has a solo career now.  It was just a matter of time before that happened. 


I've seen Mint perform live several times and I've seen Stokely as a solo artist once.


It remains to be seen if Mint Condition will ever get back together at some point.😎

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