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Samantha Speaks Is LIVE! *Do You Recognize Her Voice*

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Entry 07 - "Samantha Speaks" is LIVE!  **Do You Recognize Her Voice**


This is a live multimedia production based upon real events. Interactive entries are streamed as the homicide investigation ensues. Please contact Detective L. Titus at the Columbus Division of Police for questions, concerns or tips (614) 645-4730.


Learn more information about the case at owshowe.com 



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We've been on the hunt to locate her since 06 August. The energy and drive to find her alive resonates during the production process. Have you ever been ravenous for something, to the point where you look down (at your feet, legs, keyboard, etc.) and wonder, "who the hell is doing all this?" I've been "in the zone," athletically, professionally and even personally with friendships and the like. 


This is different.


By far the most viewed, anticipated series on owshowe.com; I was floored by the response. If you knew how many people asked, "is this real?" during a time in which I was asking myself the same question, it would prove startling.


Thank you for the kind words, I was a huge fan of "Snap Judgement" until Glenn and crew passively disbanded, or at least, began to rehash old episodes. Now, we've not only thrown our hat into the ring, but we got the stories, muscle and time to back it up! 


I see your hustle and respect the grind, Mr. D.


Now, if I can only find a way to parody the back-and-forth between you, Troy and Pio on the other boards. SMH. Y'all are hilarious!! 🤯


Stay safe, and share the enthusiasm with ONE friend. 😎


- O.W.







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