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If Being Black Is All About Culture And Thought.....Why Is She In Trouble?

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can you fly without the aid of a machine? Can you go back in time? All of life has boundaries. 


I agree, and that's my point.


Free means NO limits or restrictions.
Who can say that?


Which is why I said nobody who lives in this society is truly free.




Your argument once again demonstrates your perfectionist/utopian views. They are what drive people insane and ruin the lives of millions.


Guy you have a VERY active imagination if you can draw all of those conclusions from what I just said above....lol.


I said no one in this society is actually free.

How in the WORLD you managed go get:


SignSpecialist.com – Beevault Decals - Man pointing to sky vinyl sticker.  Customize on line. Crazy Comics 026-0210

He's trying to build Wakanda and run all of the white folks insane!!!"

.....from that.
Is beyond my understanding.

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On 9/16/2020 at 8:52 PM, Pioneer1 said:

There aren't "degrees" to freedom.


I guess it depends upon your definition of freedom. I think, in the context of living in a society with others, it means doing anything you want that does not prevent someone else from doing the same.


10 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

But how would the RULES be determined without adequate standards?


Standards are distinct from rules. If you think for a second you'll figure out why.


12 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

Thank you for letting us know how dangerous you are.


Why do you feel this statement makes Del dangerous?

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17 hours ago, Delano said:

Focusing on standards and substandards is fine for you, I am more interested in 6σ .

Lol....you're more interested in what??????

You still haven't explained HOW you would make rules without STANDARDS to go by.











My definition of freedom is NO rules, restrictions, or limitations.  Which is next to impossible when you are living with other people (society).


What we should all want is LIBERTY.

Meaning, a society with minimal restrictions and regulations.

Enough to maintain societal standards and protect us.




Standards are distinct from rules. If you think for a second you'll figure out why.


I already know this.




Why do you feel this statement makes Del dangerous?


Since Daniel made the statement I'll wait on HIS answer to your question; however I actually agree and believe Del's position of accepting rules over standards is concerning and potentially dangerous as well.
....though they may or may not be for the same reasons as Daniel's.

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