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Now Streaming... The Secret - Ep 01: Fall Hard 🍂🍁


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The 1st installment in our “Press Play & Read” web series. Come see us and get lost in the full publication while enjoying the accompanying soundtrack.


domestic violence – noun
: violent or abusive behavior directed by one family or household member against another
Source: Merrian-Webster Dictionary


“Do you feel safe at home? We have to ask these questions.” The triage nurse was more salt than sugar, yet there was something about her stoic demeanor that made Scott feel safe, as if his story mattered. Shame and embarrassment aside, his experience with reporting injuries sustained at the hands of his wife was nothing short of offensive. Vapid accusations that were cleverly disguised as questions of concern proved the norm, despite glaringly obvious signs of physical abuse...



Indie Short Story Web Series: The Secret
Genre: Drama
Parental Guideline: MA
Series Release Dates: 2020
E1: 12 Sep / E2: 10 Oct / E3: 14 Nov 
Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com 
Director & Exec Producer: O.W. Showe
Original Manuscript & Score: O.W. Showe
Cinematographer/Illustrator: O.W. Showe  
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio


Art. Culture. Creativity.  



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