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Black Female Animators!


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Why is it easier to reach the chapstick that fell between your car seats than it is to find a dozen Black female animators in this world?! 


We are striving to change that statistic.


In the meantime, stop by and say hello to Major Denese Payne, the baddest on the peninsula, and hear all about the email that turned her world upside down...


Click now to watch Black Love: A Beautiful Docuseries, Episode 01 "The Email" Trailer:





The melodic prose of critically acclaimed novelist O.W. Showe fuses with colorful animation and never seen before footage as intimate stories of Black love unveil. Traverse a wonderfully artistic “Memory Lane,” paved with warm memoirs of passion, friendship and romantic infatuation.   


From hearts that pain with long-distance adoration to a love affair spanning continents, tales of kinship and personal maturation are woven into the fabric of this original docuseries. 


“This is for the dreamers. The ones who believe in love at first sight. The souls that nurture new soil and the lush greenery that blossoms. This is Black Love.” – O.W. 

Indie Animated Web Docuseries: Black Love: A Beautiful Docuseries
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Parental Guideline: PG
Series Release Dates: 2020
E1: 07 Nov / E2: 21 Nov / E3: 05 Dec 
Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com  
Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise
Original Manuscript & Score: Madinah Slaise 
Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise  
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio


Art. Culture. Creativity. -owshowe.com 





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