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Anti-Trump Versus Pro-Biden Strategy

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I got the following text today


  1. "Hi, Troy, it's Maria with MoveOn. We have the next seven weeks  to finally send the Donald Trump presidency to its rightful place: the ash heap of history! Get your FREE limited-edition 2020 Blue Wave sticker [link removed]."


I don't know "Maria" or hiw she got my number, but I've been getting variations of the message for a while. I block all the messages as I never signed up for text messages....


None of the messages explain why I should vote for Biden. I'd preffer some good reasons to go out my way to vote for Biden. Trump will win with this strategy, because people who are not hyoed on Biden are not gonna shelp out to some polling, place during a pandemic, to wait in line to vote "against" Trump. People wsnt to vote FOR something.


I see why people like @Pioneer1 don't vote. @Delano you may as well get my $50 together.



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Are you SURE you don't know Maria?

Maybe an old forgotten Puerto Rican girlfriend from childhood who finally caught up with you?????


Both Biden and Trump are old racist Caucasian men who are power hungry and are good examples of what's wrong with Washington and the United States political system in general.  However, as silly as it may seem there is something that Biden has that Trump doesn't...Kamala Harris.



Kamala Harris slammed for 'copying' Melania Trump's style with Timberland  boots | Daily Mail Online




As shallow as it may seem, a lot of men of all races and backgrounds would vote for Biden/Harris just to see more of HER all over the place for the next 4 years.
I don't think she's using her sex appeal NEARLY as effectively as she could be.

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I doubt it.  Least out it this way.  You know how I feel about Candice Owens right?  I find Candice more attractive that Kamala. 


She will not turn out the Black vote the way Obama did in his first term -- you won't even vote for her @Pioneer1 unfortunately you are not alone.  And if you won;t vote for her, what incentive do you think white folks will have?


Again, none of the robot calls or text messages are touting Harris' accomplishments or plan -- it is all we must defeat Trump.  That is not good enough

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Honestly, I think most AfroAmericans are just JADED with the system and have lost complete confidence in it....that's why they aren't voting.
It's not about Biden or Sanders or even Hilary.

Hell, if Obama was running again I don't think most AFROAMERICANS would even vote for him knowing what they now know about him.


Our people are ready for a massive change that won't be achieved through casting a ballot.

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I think most working class people, of all colors, are ready for a massive change -- that is why 45 was elected and may win a 2nd term.  It was why Obama was elected. 


It is also why Biden/Harris can't afford to take the people they should be appealing to for granted the way Clinton/Kane did.


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I'm not sure if the vast majority of Caucasians of ANY socio-economic background really want change.  

I think the VAST majority of them want things to remain the same because things were working for them.


If you look at the so-called "shutdowns" that were happening in various spots around the nation....while most AfroAmericans didn't like them most Caucasians HATED IT.

They want desperately to open up the schools, open up the public spaces and return NORMALCY.....because when things were "normal" they were thriving as compared to most of our people.


Returning back to normal for many AfroAmericans means just more incarceration, poverty, and police brutality.

I mentioned before on another thread that one of the worse things that could happen in this nation is for Biden and Harris to get in office and STABILIZE things....returning them back to "normal" or the way they've been for the past 200 years.

Obama got in office....cleaned up the mess that Bush made....and AfroAmericans ended up losing more property and wealth in 8 years than in any time in the HISTORY of this nation.

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Can you cite a source for last point I'd like read it: 


3 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

AfroAmericans ended up losing more property and wealth in 8 years than in any time in the HISTORY of this nation.


Sounds like something Tommy Sowell would say.

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There are a lot of articles that tell you how many AfroAmerican homes and how much AfroAmerican wealth was lost under the Obama Administration but I can't find any that says they lost MORE wealth under his administration than any other time.  But I would think that would go without saying given the role of inflation.

From the late 70s right up to the Obama Era of 2008 the economic situation for AfroAmericans steadily deteriorated but a LOT of factors were involved in that deterioration and it was  a 30 year time frame so the impact was more diluted.

But 2008 to 2013 was an Earthquake in terms of loss of homeownership and overall wealth for many AfroAmericans.


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