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If Malik Hadn't Been Assassinated: The Reverse Domino Effect.........

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Here's a few things to daydream over if you're enjoying a nice quiet Sunday afternoon.......



If Malik Shabazz hadn't been assassinated in 1965 there would have been no Black Panther Party.  The Black Panther Party was formed  in 1966 because of the VOID left after his  armed OAAU organization disintegrated following his death a year earlier. 
Had he lived, IT would have been the premiere armed Black organization and there probably wouldn't have been a need for the Panthers.


If there had been no Black Panther party there would have been no Bloods and Crips.
You had a lot of small neighborhood gangs around the nation but none as massive because these California street gangs came directly from ex-Panther members and associates who....after the police started breaking up the organization.....later turned back to the streets they originally came from but with a knowledge of guns and violence and a more militant attitude.  
Plus they had a larger supply of drugs to distribute than before.

If there had been no Bloods and Crips there probably would be no Gangsta Rap as we know it today!  
Although you had some rappers like Slick Rick and the Geto Boys rapping about crime, the vast majority of rap was about banging women and partying and increased social consciousness.  
NWA and other rappers who grew up in Los Angeles began rapping about the gangsta life of Southern California and Caucasians noticed it and began promoting IT in opposition to the Black consciousness rap of the East Coast.  They paid rappers millions of dollars to do this and rappers across the nation began emulating and trying to out do eachother over the image of who's the "hardest" and most "gangsta".



Violence has existed in the Black community for decades but if Gangsta Rap hadn't been invented:
Think of how many AfroAmericans who have been killed by others heavily influenced by Gangsta rap over the past 30 years.....would still be alive today.


See the reverse domino effect?

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Again this would be great fodder for fascinating novel.  Many believe in an infinite number of alternative universes where Malcolm lived to celebrate his 95th birthday.  One can only wonder what those world's would be like...


The reality ,however, is that Malcolm was just one man in a fundamentally white racist culture. So, much more would have needed to change in American society for even 100 Malcolm to have a meaningful impact.

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Maybe Delano with his mystical beliefs would be a good one to talk about Alternate Universes.




Perhaps in other Universes Malcolm Little NEVER even made it to be Malcolm X !

- Perhaps in one he stayed in Harlem and ended up becoming a big time pimp, numbers runner, rival of Bumpy Johnson's.


-Perhaps in another he went to prison but never made it out but instead died from a stabbing.


-Perhaps in yet another Universe he ended up following his White teacher's advice and becoming a CARPENTER just like Jesus!


-And perhaps.....just perhaps.......
In another Universe his father never got killed but lived to be a ripe old age and mentored a smart and orally gifted Malcolm into becoming a preacher just like him.




The right Reverend Malcolm Little and the good Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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Actually the theory is based on science.


So are most aspects of mysticism.



Why, you barely comprehend me in this one.


More the reason to FIND a Universe where we can reach better understanding......lol.

Perhaps in another Universe, you're not in Australia.
You're still in the Boogie Down standing outside the bodega and still begging for money to buy malt liquor and loosies.....lol.

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14 hours ago, Delano said:

I will see if there's a message for you. 

Whoever you're going to to get the message from, tell Them that I'm liable NOT to believe it unless They communicate it directly to me.


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