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If you create an astrological order for the Tarot you can workout what you name is in the Tarot. If you order the cards from 1 -78, you can work out the card that is associated with your name.
Delano is 5 of pentacles. 0 - 9 Taurus
Strachen is Ace of swords. Element of Air.
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Whose charts are those. Looks like it could be same person cast with a few hours shift?


That moon opposite sun has gotta mean something unusual, like the person being perceived completely differently from the underlying nature ... or prone to hide their true self from others. Does that sound like a reasonable interpretation of that aspect of the chart?

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@Troy they are charts I drew using my first and last names.  Interesting since I do have a Sun Moon opposition in my chart, Yes it is a valid interpretation.

I have figured a way to  create charts from words, and figure what card a name is in the Tarot. If you want I will do yours.


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This may be an example of what I was talking about in the other thread about the various arts taught in so-called Egyptian "Mystery Schools" and how it isn't necessarily applicable to African people.

Tarot card reading......
While originating in Kemet, may not be for OUR people.
Atleast not the version practiced in Western esoteric systems.

The same with a lot of this so-called "astrology" that so many of our people engage in.
Astrology is real and is an actual science when WE practice it....but we can't just copy the Caucasian's version of it and expect it to be effective.

Like I said in the other thread.....
A lot of what you're calling magic and occultism was designed BY US FOR CAUCASIANS.
We gave him a WEAKER and more WATERED DOWN version of it in those Mystery schools (we didn't call them that btw....that's what THEY call them because EVERYTHING is a mystery to a new  man on the planet) .

We have our OWN sciences and ways of doing things based on OUR chemistry, DNA, and psychological make up and soul-history.

Trying to use HIS "magic" and occult sciences is like the parents having milk and cereal for breakfast just like the children, lol.


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