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These. Rich. Black. Athletes. And. Entertainers. Talking. About. -Voting. Is. Getting. On. My. Nerves. .Black. Voters. Should. Begin -Holding. Their. Community. Leaders. And. Elected. Political. -Accountable..Including. The. NAACP.  Overseer's Of. Black. Votes. -If-The. Racist. Trash. Trump. Is. Voted. Out ,Pimp Houses,Crack-Houses,Street. Gangs. Slaughtering. Black. People. Will. Not. Stop.-Black. Political,NAACP,Athletes,Entertainers,Not. Talking. About ,-Black. Genocide. By. Black. People. ,Preachers. Stealing. Millions ,of,church. Money. To. Live. Rich. ,Not. Helping. Poor. Black. -Communities,Preachers. Raping. Children,Killing. Their. Wives-Getting. Teenage. Girls. Pregnant..  Church. Corruption..  Black-Political,NAACP,Churches. Not. Mentoring. Black. Children. Before-They. Get. To. High. School,Not. Cleaning. Up. Black. -Communities-Will. The. Neo. Nazi. Klan. Trash. Walk. Around. With. Guns. -Trying. -To. Intimidate. Black. And. Brown. People. Trying. To. Vote. ? If That-Happens. ,Racist. White. Police. Organized. It. Black. Political. Have-A Comfortable. Living. Controlling. Black. Votes.  There. Has. Been-Talk. About. A. Black. Political. Party.  I. Suggest. Kwanzaa  -Political-Party. Or. Wakanda  Political. Party.  Wakanda. The. Black. Country-Name. In. The. Black. Panther. Movie....

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The truth is.......


While the odds of a total collapse are much much better under a divisive Trump - it doesn't matter whether Trump remains in office or Biden gets in office; uless the corrupt racist SYSTEM collapses, the problems that most AfroAmericans are experiencing will not only continue but intensify.


About a 45% of our people are in DENIAL and don't want to recognize how useless their participation in the national process is.



National Urban League, BET launch National Black Voter Day | TheHill

"White Jesus go saaaave ussssss!"



Another 45% are INDIFFRENENT and simply don't give a damn any more.
They aren't even TRYING to fit in with this system or society and are out to have as much fun AS they can WHILE they can.

They are the ones out looting and grabbing haberdash from departement stores every time there's a police shooting.



Petition · Help stop black people from stealing all the fried chicken! ·  Change.org

"Give it up sucka....you ain't go eat all that!"





That leaves the 10% of us left.

10% who must try to survive and make it to the "other side" of chaos and uncertainty where glory awaits us.





Photo Our Weekly | Black News and Entertainment Los Angeles


"This  entire area used to be a ghetto with huge housing projects
before the Big Collapse."


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