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Using “Black” People and Turning their Pains into Wedge Issues

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Hello Fam,


I'm new to this group, I'm submitting this article below for discussion and to see where everyone's thoughts are on it. I'm quoting a couple of sections and then linking the full article at bottom.


"For “black” Americans, the horrific scenarios I painted don’t have to be imagined, these are scars that are coded deep in their DNA. There is a reason I use the word “they” instead of “us”, as a first generation Ethiopian immigrant—even though I’ve experienced racism in my life—I can never really understand the burdens that African-Americans carry that have been passed down from generation to generation. Included in this anguish is having their identity stripped away and their existence being distilled to a color that doesn’t describe their shade and that was always meant to dehumanize people who can trace their lineage back to the continent of humanity’s birth."




"Sadly, instead of addressing the root causes of racism and the socioeconomic inequalities that are indenturing “black” people into a life of dependency, demagogues who profit from people’s misfortune insist on just manipulating our emotions. “Black” people are convinced by the liberal establishment that their enemies are “white” people and “white” people are likewise duped by conservatives into believing that “black” people are out to get them. Both sides triggering each other as pundits, politicians and media professionals laugh all the way to the bank as they get paid by the plutocrats who benefit from our dissension."


Full article can be read at: https://ghionjournal.com/using-black-people-and-turning-their-pains-into-wedge-issues/

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Especially when you're dealing with a people with a high "stupidity" rate among them.

I've come across so many AfroAmericans lately are running around hating on other Black people from the Carribean and South America and using the "ADOS" movement as an excuse to do so.
Many of them think that ONLY Black people in the United States were enslaved....not Jamaicans, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, ect...ignorance.


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16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:


Are YOU of Ethiopian descent?

I'm not sure what to make of the quotes.
I agree with the author that "Black" isn't a very accurate description of our people.  I prefer the terms African and AfroAmerican in specific.

What's going no Pioneer, 


I'm actually the author of that piece above, and yes I'm from Ethiopia originally though, like the book "the Invisible Man", I've lived a dual existence for the past 39 years between an Ethiopian immigrant and experiencing some (not all) of the burdens felt by Afro-Americans. 

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Knowing what I know TODAY as a 50 year old AfroAmerican man who has spent decades studying race, politics, and the issues affecting the AfroAmerican community......

I wish there was an organization that PROPERLY EXPLAINED to other Africans from around the world EXACTLY what happened to AfroAmericans and why we behave and think the way most of us do.

Because there is a lot of IGNORANCE on both sides floating around and too many Africans and AfroAmericans are looking to and relying on Caucasians to tell us the truth about ourselves and eachother when THEY are the ones who separated us in the first place.
That conflict going on over in Etoobya (Ethiopia) right now.....if you really investigate it....was started by Caucasians keeping up conflict and division among the people.


AfroAmericans as you mentioned were STRIPPED of our culture when we arrived year hundreds of years ago.  What you see most of us doing is ATTEMPTING to practice a European based culture that was not designed for us and actually causes many of the pathologies that afflict the AfroAmerican community today.



Not sure how old you are but do you realize that prior to the INTEGRATION of the races in the United States (about 60 years ago) AfroAmericans collectively were actually doing MUCH BETTER?????


We had our own supermarkets, bus stations, gas stations, hotels, and even had all Black cities that we built from the ground up!

You NEVER saw homeless or drug addicted Black people.  And they rarely went to jail.


Black literacy actually DECLINED when our children started going ot school with White kids...lol.

Did you know that?


It all changed AFTER we started mixing in with the larger White population.


This isn't talked about.

It's hidden.


But if you don't believe me talk to a Black American over 70s and ask them if everything I just told you is true.

Even if you think I'm making this all up or it sounds crazy....JUST ASK THEM TO SEE WHAT THEY TELL YOU.

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Yeah, things seemed to be better for us when we were forced to run our own schools and businesses.


But I once we were free to patronize white businesses, Black-owned ones suffered -- unless they got the "white co-sign," which signals to Blacks that the business has been validated.

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that among the best knowledge to get is the KNOWLEDGE OF SELF.


A lot of people don't understand what that means, but it has a lot of meanings....including knowing who WE are and HOW we are as AfroAmericans.


When we are forced to live with ourselves and deal with ourselves....as opposed to being given the option to leave ourselves and go live with other peoples.....we LEARN ourselves.
We get a more  in depth and THOROUGH knowledge of ourselves.

-We learn the best foods for US to eat.
-We learn the best products for US to use on OUR skin and hair.
-We learn the best methods to teach OUR children
-We learn the best way to handle an angry Black man
-We learn the best way to handle an angry Black woman

We learn all of this from simply BEING AROUND OURSELVES for any meaningful length of time.

Sometimes through intense study and observation, other times through trial and error.....but we learn.

But living in an environment dominated by Caucasians, or Asians, or Latinos isn't going to teach you these things because  that environment will be geared toward THEIR empowerment and suited to fit THEIR nature.

For example......

When you have KNOWLEDGE OF SELF you will know better than to give AfroAmerican adults milk based products because most of our people are lactose intolerant.  You wouldn't care what White folks or Asians did or drank...you are focused on what's best for SELF.

But if you DON'T have knowledge of self you'll start imitating the White folks you see around you. 
You too will be walking around the state fair with your wife, licking on ice cream cones and drinking milk-shakes and shit...smiling at eachother but by the time both of you get home you'll be running eachother out of the house farting and belly aching and carrying on.....


You need knowledge of SELF....not knowledge of somebody else.

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1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

You need knowledge of SELF....not knowledge of somebody else.


Absolutely, but this has nothing to do with what you understand as "race." Consider your statement:


"When you have KNOWLEDGE OF SELF you will know better than to give AfroAmerican adults milk based products because most of our people are lactose intolerant."


You know many so called Black people are not lactose and many white people are.  The ability to break down that sugar come from a gene that came from those descended from farming cultures where the gene was naturally selected. You find these cultures in Europe and Africa.

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Many Black people are lactose tolerant in places like East Africa, true.

But I'm talking specifically of AFROAMERICANS.  Our people come primarily from WEST Africa where the vast majority of the population is lactose intolerant.

Further, we have a lot of Native American ancestry and they too are lactose intolerant.

Yes, it's caused by a gene....but that's what race is...a collection of common genes!

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Again, and I know this is beating a dead horse with you @Pioneer1, but there is no such thing as a genetic test for race, simply because there is only one race. 


Pioneer even you can't even look a person and clearly determine their so called race, as demonstrated by your balking at describing Master W. Fard Muhammad as a Black man.


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Doctors and pharmacists design DRUGS and diagnose ILLNESSES based on race and racial differences.

You've heard doctor after doctor of the highest educational status point out the high rates of Covid 19 among many BLACK people as compared to WHITE people!

Now if race doesn't exist as you claim, why are such educated professionals making this claim?

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17 hours ago, Troy said:

...your balking at describing Master W. Fard Muhammad as a Black man.





Okay, so here is a picture of Master W. Fard Muhammad:




Remembering Master Fard Muhammad



In regards to the term 'Race', yes, this would be misleading to say that he is a 'Black man'!--by our modern standards today.

That term 'race' is a confusion. I understand the argument made though about 'race' vs 'traits' or should I say 'African traits' 

or 'Chinese traits' or 'Australian traits', etc., but the term 'race' is a confusion today because, imo, a movement of 'Racial Construction' that has

redefined the way we as humans are categorized today.











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